Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said on Saturday that Ukraine wants to develop and deepen economic relations with Russia. "We have traditional relations of friendship with Russia where Ukraine used to sell 38% of its produce and is now selling just 18%. We want to develop our interests in this market. But what we need is a different policy and other mechanisms. That is why we talk about the CIS and those Common Economic Space initiatives, which are vitally important for us," Yushchenko, who is currently visiting Georgia, told a briefing in the mountain resort town of Borzhomi, Itar-Tass reported.

"I spoke against the Common Economic Space when I was in parliament because parliament was little informed about the goals, values and ideas of this space. Today, when we pursue a dialogue, we say that Ukraine has three goals in the Common Economic Space: the creation of a free trade zone; the system of harmonized customs relations in order to ease the movement of goods, services and workforce," Yushchenko went on to say.

He noted that Ukraine and Russia should establish a system of single tariffs if they want to open mutual markets. "Services and goods should move in one regime," Yushchenko added.


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