On July 1, 2006 the new terms of Ukrainian Jewish immigration to Germany will take effect.   

Ditmar Schtudemann stated that new terms will regulate the question of social welfare payment to immigrants. They will not be able to live all their life by these funds. The previous regulations stipulated for two obligatory conditions for immigrations: the first one was Jewish origin, the second was Judaism. Because the aim of immigration is to develop and strengthen Jewish community in Germany, Schtudemann explained.

"We want immigrants to have strong life position. It is necessary that social funds will be used only in emergency situations. This source must not be habit for immigrants," stated German Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Ukraine.

According to the new conditions, immigrants must speak German (beginner's level) and belong to a certain Judaic community.

Some special conditions will be worked out for exceptions, for example when members of family want to reunite in Germany.

Schtudemann points out the fact that if an immigrant cannot find a job he will get the welfare benefit for a certain period of time but then he will be proposed a job which he is to accept.

In response to the question whether the persons of declining age will not be able to immigrate to Germany in case they do not have able to work relatives, Ambassador stated that "every individual case will be thoroughly considered. The ideology of Jewish emigration to Germany is the development and restoration of number of Jewish communities in Germany."

He added that new terms were created by Interior Ministers of federal lands and Jewish communities in Germany.    

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