Yulia Timoshenko PM of Ukraine confirms her readiness to form united party list for parliamentary elections-2006 with President of Ukraine.   

"It goes without saying that I will conduct negotiations on coalition with President of Ukraine. I am sure that we will form together party electoral list – both central and regional ones – and act as a united team," stated Timoshenko on air of "5 Channel."

Timoshenko stated that the structure of electoral list will be thoroughly discussed with President. He wants to see transparent policy and team destined to serve Ukrainians. "That is why our aim is to create team which will be supported by Ukrainian society," mentioned Timoshenko.

She pointed out the fact that the electoral campaign has been started already and will become much more intense when Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine starts its session. She states that "the fight will be hard, cruel and dirty."

PM mentions that coming elections is "the main reason of discrepancy" between members of new power. There are different political forces participating in the leading team: Socialists, People's Party, NSNU (People's Union "Our Ukraine"), BYT (Yulia Timoshenko's Bloc). All they have their own sights concerning elections-2006, Timoshenko added.

She also mentions that the uncertainty of relations between political forces within the frameworks of coming parliamentary elections unconditionally prevents work of government.    

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