Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko stated that government would cancel 2249 regulations which limit business development in Ukraine, Ukrainska Pravda reported.

During her press-conference on Thursday, Timoshenko announced that her Cabinet found over 6 thousand regulations "that require further analysis in order to see whether they are beneficial for Ukraine from the normal regulatory function point of view, or simply exist to promote corruption."

"Out of these 6393 regulations, 2249 have to be cancelled immediately. They make up the chicken soup which feeds the pyramid of corruption," noted Timoshenko.

Also, she mentioned that additional 661 regulatory documents "require more work before they can be finalized."

Timoshenko reminded that these unnecessary regulations would have to be cancelled before September 1. "This is not going to be that simple. Government entities, including Ministries and local administrations will have to work together in order to have minimum regulations by September, when the summer vacation period is over," said Timoshenko.

President Victor Yushchenko called this task a personal responsibility and threatened to fire members of the Cabinet and heads of local administrations responsible for industries and regions where regulations that limit business development would be kept in place.


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