Valery Konovalyuk, the leader of"Trudovaya Ukraina" (Labour Ukraine) does not understand why "Ukrainian citizens are prohibited to know the truth of current economic situation in Ukraine." He stated it in the round-table conference "Political prospects of Donbass under the new power."

According to Konovalyuk, the real inflation index now is 14%. "I do not think that when in autumn it becomes an evident fact, someone will have an insolence to state the opposite: the prices are stable and everything is ok," mentioned Konovaluk.

Konovalyuk declares that there is discrimination in Ukraine, that "none of foreign investments, delivered to state budget of Ukraine, was given to Eastern Ukraine. On the contrary, West is well built and gasified. Nowadays, the financing of some state programs are knowingly hampered. The programs concerns health, education, industrial development."


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