Vitaly Klichko's return to the ring has been postponed again. It is unofficial information, but different sources tell over and over again that WBC decided that Klichko to retain in his title not earlier than November.

Klichko's rival will be determined by bout Rahman - Barrett of August 13. According to bookmakers, the favorite is Rahman, the stakes on him are 1.33 and the stakes on Barrett – 3.25. It was Rahman who put off the title bout of Klichko.

We remind that Rahman stated that he would be ready to bout with Klichko right after Barrett. He even called the date – September 24. Now he seems to understand that he hurried up. He wants to have more time for preparation.

Vitaly Klichko keeps silence as well. Besides, his dream of revenge to Lennox Lewis felt into oblivion. Lennox is involved in film cutting and has no wish to return to ring.      

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