The copyrights on Orange symbols (horse-shoe, flags and other things with the slogan "Tak!" (Ukrainian "yes") belongs to Andrey Yushchenko, the son of President of Ukraine. All incomes from the sale and usage of Orange symbols belong to Yushchenko-junior as well. Nikolay Katerinchuk, the deputy Chief of State Tax Administrationof Ukraine stated this fact during the interview to newspaper Kommersant.

According to his words, he gave copyright to the son of President of Ukraine. "It happened after the victory in the third round of presidential elections. The assignation of the copyright was juridical arranged by notaries. It belongs to Andrey Yushchenko now. Why was I registered as a brand owner? It was the decision of Yushchenko’s electoral headquarter and I was the head of juridical block of it," stated Katerinchuk.

Besides, the Orange theme is widely used till now and Orange goods cost pretty money. For example Orange flag with slogan "Tak!" costs from 5 to 20 UAH ($1-4) - it is 10% of average Ukrainian pension. So, if an old man decides to present ten his old friends with such flags he must spend all his monthly income given by the state.

Experts puzzle to fix definitely an income from the copyright but they state that it is pretty big money. According to Yuri Kogutyak, the co-founder of advertisement holding Euro RSGG& Partners, the brands of Yushchenko’s campaign cost about $100 million.

As it became known, Yaroslav Lesyuk, author of Orange symbols, refused to comment on the subject by ethic considerations.

Besides, Irina Gerashchenko, presidential press secretary states that the registration of Orange symbols was done for the sake of juridical protection and there was not any intention to use Orange as a source of commercial interest.


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