Richard Hibey, American attorney of Boris Kolesnikov reckons that evidences of Kolesnikov’s guilt were faked-up. He stated it in the press conference. The dismissal of Andrey Fedur, previous attorney of Kolesnikov confirmed Hibey’s opinion.

According to Hibey, the proofs of Kolesnikov’s guiltlessness are "logically based and chained with one another." "The investigators’ wreck colliding with evidences of his guiltlessness," added he.

For the present time Kolesnikov’s freedom depends on "whim of government." Richard Hibey also states that there is not independent justice in Ukraine for now.

"In Ukraine the judges constantly fail to maintain constitutional rights of offenders, do not demand report of public prosecutors on conduct of criminal cases and meet their obligations concerning the Constitution of Ukraine during investigation and accusation procedures," stated attorney. The Constitution of Ukraine does not need to be changed, but strongly needs to be obeyed, Hibey added.

He jokes that prosecutor’s logic is following: Kolesnikov must be imprisoned for five months more in order to examine evidences of his guiltlessness.

In response to the question who is his employer, he did not call the name but said that he was engaged by FC "Shakhtyor."

Richard Hibey stated that neither he nor his American colleagues have qualification to represent Kolesnikov’s interests in the court.

We remind that General Prosecutor’s resolution of July 21, 2005 dismissed Andrey Fedur who represented Boris Kolesnikov in the court.


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