Today Andrey Yushchenko has examined the administrative protocol on the infringement of traffic regulations and already signed it, Inna Kisel the press secretary of Interior Minister of Ukraine reported.

The trial has been appointed on Monday.

We remind that on Saturday Andrey Yushchenko, the son of President of Ukraine did not appear before Pechersk District Court of Kiev for a trial on infringement of traffic regulations.

Pechersk Court had to consider the protocol of administrative infringement signed by Yuri Lucenko Minister of Interior Affairs of Ukraine on air of TV channel. The court had to set the amount of the penalty in case if Yushchenko-junior's guilt would have been be established.

According to the words of the journalists, the son of President of Ukraine did not appear before the court at the appointed time. Viktor Malinin, the judge was considering another trial in time which had been appointed in the protocol for Yushchenko-junior. However, the journalists pointed out the fact that

Yushchenko-junior's administrative case did not demand the personal presence of the infringer of the law.

According to Criminal Code of Ukraine the protocol does not have legal force without private sign of the infringer of the law or the witnesses' signs.  
Irina Gerashchenko, presidential press secretary stated during the phone conversation that she had no clue concerning the protocol’s destiny and strictly recommends the journalists "to finish this story."  

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