The first world water bomb, which will be used for extinguishing big fires, in particular, forest fires, will be produced in the Sumy Oblast in the nearest future.

Deputy Minister of Emergency Valeriy Kalchenko has disclosed this to an UNIAN correspondent during a working visit to the Sumy Oblast.

According to Kalchenko, the bomb is a plastic balloon, filled with water, with a fuse. After the bomb is thrown from a plane or a helicopter, as a result of the explosion, the water will be spilled at a big territory and will extinguish the fire much quicker. "Thus, a water bomb will be much more effective than the modern means or technologies when a helicopter at first hangs over a water reservoir and scoops nearly 3.5 tons of water with a big basket, and then pours it out in a form of a column," said Kalchenko.

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