Today Julia Timoshenko, Ukrainian PM has come out in the press conference on the main problems of Ukrainian economy.

Due to the new act of Ukraine "On changes into the State Budget-2005" of July 27, 2005, the government has got a possibility to settle lots of problems of different fields of Ukrainian economy.

"According to this act we may pay off wage debts to miners. This debt is 320 million UAH ($64 million)," stated Timoshenko.

According to her words, all debts will be paid off to workers of motor-car industry, overhaul plants and others.

Concerning Crimea, PM plans to adopt a program called "Sea Coast" during the out session of the Cabinet on July 30 in Crimea.

She points out that this program is the complex one and its target is to develop Black Sea coast. In particular, one of the main targets of the program is drinking water supply all over Crimean coast.

Timoshenko also states that crisis will never occur in Ukraine anymore. "The inflation is break-neck normalizing," confirmed Timoshenko.

"The inflation of the last quarter of 2004 was equal to 6.6%, the first quarter of 2005 – 4.4%, the second quarter – 1.7%," reported Timoshenko.  

Ukraine's government will conduct inventory of minerals, which the country has in bowels of the earth, as reported by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko.

"We want to see what Ukraine owns and how it was used during the years. The prognoses say the bowels were plundered," pointed out the Premier.

The Cabinet also plans to conduct agricultural census.

"Today Ukraine does not know the real situation in agrarian sector: statistics, production volumes, enable lands and facility," said Timoshenko. She underlined that such census has never been conducted before.


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