Ukraine’s top military commander General Serhiy Kirychenko, recently admitted that due to obsolete equipment and lack of funds, Ukraine’s 250,000 strong army is only partially operational.
With the serious international and regional rivalry for economic superiority, in this strategic area, and with maneuvers currently being conducted in the Black Sea, the general’s statement casts doubt on Kiev’s ability to guarantee stability in the region. In other more obvious words, access to raw materials. And this is a direct maritime link to Central Asia, the focal point of the world’s most important industrial projections.

The "Great Game" is no longer a diplomatic-espionage information service based on competing favors, but a very real military struggle-war that is now being waged. The Black Sea region is directly economically connected to where World War III actually began with the announcement by Russian units in Tajikistan, in February 1994, that they are on a frontline fighting Islamic fundamentalists. That December Chechnya explodes and because of so many enemy successes, spreading into Dagestan bordering the Caspian, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin made a surprise visit to the area and ordered the strengthening of Russia’s southern border from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan, reported.

A capable Ukraine would make things so much easier and fortunately with the new administration in Kiev it reduces the chances of any more nuclear-missile technology heading south. It also increases the chances of whatever budget Ukraine has for its military being used as designated instead of for new furnishings for an official’s villa.

The general’s remarks, carried by AP, continued with him saying, "the army has only a limited capability to defend the state." The problem mainly affects "complex and expensive air force weapons and counter-electronic systems."

With the Soviet collaspe of 1991 Ukraine took control of huge amounts of weapons, ammunition and military infrastructure but, nearly 15 years later, most of it is in disrepair due to the military’s lack of funds. The Defense Minister Evhen Marchuk warned, last year, that the army had purchased no new armored vehicles, warplanes or helicopters since independence.

No one is more glad to hear this than the attentive Council of Guardians in Teheran. It is no coincidence they had an industrial minister attend the inauguration ceremonies of President Victor Yushchenko. With the economic designs Teheran makes no secret of they intend to monitor, along with Turkey, the inadequacies of the Western-Russian defense arrangements in the region and their vulnerabilities.

The U. S. and Germany should give as much priorities to assisting Ukraine’s military as they do concerning Russia. This is why Iran has the initiative completely.


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