The scandal connected with money which is spent by son of President of Ukraine goes on.

All Ukrainians got to know that the car of Yushchenko-junior costs €130,000. Now they have got a new surprise, this is the cost of their President son's penthouse. The penthouse (150 square meters), the fifth floor in the elite district of the down-town, costs $750,000.   

We remind that President of Ukraine is the active fighter with corruption and traces everyone who spends more than officially earns.

President of Ukraine states that his son earns money by himself and may spend it how he wants. "Any accusations of ordered articles and information are an evidence of immaturity of our power. I do not care what car belongs to the son of President of Ukraine, but I do not believe that 19 years old boy can get such money working in consulting firm (as President stated – edit.). And this car may be a bribe to son in order to get influence on the father," states Alyona Pritula, the editor of sensational Ukrainskaya Pravda which published the information about the expenses of the son of orange revolutionary and which correspondent who was called "hireling killer" by President of Ukraine for his attempt to ask President to give the explanations about his son’s source of living.  According to her, Ukrainskaya Pravda is not going to give up the investigation.

President of Ukraine stated that the car is loaned and the son pays for it. But neither President nor his son could explain using the car with foreign license plate which is violation of Ukrainian laws.  

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