A twiggy system of underpasses was found  in Rivne. The local geophysicists managed not only to examine the scheme of the catacomb but also to dig up the entry. This discovery is acknowledged dangerous for the citizens during the mass arrangements: because of the strong vibrations the city center may fall in.

The specialists say that the catacomb has several levels; some of them are very deep and getting through the whole city.

The existence of the underground underpasses became the apple of discord between the historians and geophysicists. The workers of the local museum deny the existence of any catacomb. In their mind it is not logical to suppose that the underpasses were built by the Princes Lubomirskiye. 

"Sometimes the ground caves in there. There are various explanations: the underpasses, the cellars, but to know it exactly it is necessary to examine," the historian, Tatiana Ponomareva says.

The native people say they saw underpasses when the new city was built in the sixties.

Now the geophysicists are afraid that their discovery will become the reason for the rubbles of the city and then the people will suffer. In order to avoid this there are two ways: the cheap one is to concrete it, and another one is to dig up the underpasses and to save the unknown sheet of the Rivne history, MIGnews.com.ua reported.


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