Aleksey Kostusev, the leader of "Soyuz" (Union) political party expressed his anxiety of Ukraine's intention to entry NATO. According to him, the entrance into NATO will worsen Ukraine-Russia relations and "close the door in common free market zone."

"'Soyuz' stands against Ukraine's joining any military blocs. Our historical mission is to maintain neutrality. It is our geographical and political feature. To change it is to disturb the balance," said Aleksey Kostusev.

"I am not sure whether we will find new friends, but worsen relations with neighbors, above all with Russia, for sure," mentioned Kostusev.

"It should be reminded that NATO is the military bloc. Joining it may cause attention of the terrorists to Ukraine. Ukraine may become a target instead of finding of secure shelter," commented Kostusev on Friday’s speech of President of Ukraine in the press conference in Japan.       

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