Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine has made a certain change in the work-book of Julia Timoshenko, PM of Ukraine.  

Timoshenko's biography consisted of one unpleasant event. In 2001 she was dismissed as "bringing to criminal account" from the post of vice-Premier on Fuel and Energy.

Later on, all the accusations against Timoshenko, opposition leader of that time, were called faked. Nevertheless, on February 2001, she even spent some time in the investigatory isolation ward.   

And now, Yushchenko, President of Ukraine has corrected unfortunate mistake of PM's biography. He ordered to expel "the cause" of the dismissal out of Timoshenko's biography. The phrase "in connection with bringing Julia Timoshenko, the vice-Premier of Ukraine to criminal account and with resolution of
General Prosecutor of Ukraine of January 15, 2001 she is removed from the post" was deleted form her work-book.

In April, 2005 Pechersk District Court of Kiev proved illegal the dismissal of Timoshenko from the post of vice-Premier of Ukraine.  

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