The head of Security Service of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov, said in an interview to the newspaper "Den'" that now the state is represented by persons, who cannot be entrusted State secret.

"According to logic, abolition of access to State secret is equivalent to dismissal. Now, unfortunately, it fails to function," said Turchinov.

In his opinion, examination of candidates for high posts is conducted unsystematically. "Most of all they ask to examine that person, whom they do not want to appoint. But those, who were appointed, fall into our hands anyway, and frequently these are persons who hold high posts provided for access to State secret. It happens that a person was hiding his previous convictions or other important facts of his life. As a result, we have abolished access for 125 officials of different levels."

"In all civilized countries a person cannot be appointed to a high post till he or she is examined by special services. But in our country, unfortunately, it is a norm," said Turchinov.

The head of SSU waits for a presidential edict, due to which state officials are not allowed to hold posts with access to State secret, if they have not get such access in Security Service.

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