Raisa Bogatyryova, the deputy of Ukraine, the leader of "Party of Regions" is going to ask Sergey Golovaty, famous attorney, to defend her in the court. We remind that on July 15, the General Office of Public Prosecutor instituted the criminal case against Bogatyryova and Andrey Fedur, Kolesnikov's attorney. They are incriminated a crime according to article 181 of Criminal Code of Ukraine. The article reads about divulging private information.  

Bogatyryova predicts the subsequent events saying that "the power and law enforcement agencies assume the right on truth." According to her, there is not law enforcement agency which is called General Office of Public Prosecution, instead of it the law enforcement agency on people intimidation exists. She reckons her actions concerning Kolesnikov's defense to be "appropriate, systematic and logical ones."

"I think it (the criminal case against her and Fedur) is just revenge. It is political and ordered case," stated she.         

Andrey Fedur, Kolesnikov's attorney states that he knows "where and how trumped-up case of Kolesnikov was done." According to his words, the General Office of Public Prosecution of Ukraine knows it as well and it is afraid of publicity of these facts.

Sergey Golovaty agreed to defend Bogatyryova and Fedur.

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