The Kerch Strait is one of the six Ukrainian dumps of radioactive materials. The ecologists have been speaking about this for more than one year, but nobody seems to hear them. If anybody penetrates the territory of the storage cell, which is not watched, and opens it up, then… It is difficult to imagine what will happen. The whole Kerchen peninsula will simply turn up into the Ukrainian Hiroshima, reported.

The nuclear waste depository site can not find its owner. The storage cell isn’t even fenced. Nobody even thinks about taking the probe of the water and the soil for checking up the radio active phone. It is considered formally that the phone is normal. But who knows?

The citizens of the nearby villages are afraid that somebody will open up the storage, for example those, who gather metal.  

In the suburbs there are the cases when the animals with five legs or the two-heads pigs were born.

The local ecological organization also keeps silent.


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