(AP) - Regulators on Tuesday fined British-Russian oil company TNK-BP 50,000 hrynvas (US$9,980, euro8,300) in connection with a fuel crisis that hit this ex-Soviet republic earlier this year, MSN reported.

The Anti-Monopoly Committee accused TNK-BP of distributing unreliable information, but did not elaborate.

TNK-BP Ukraine chief Oleksandr Gorodetsky said that the company had "made a number of mistakes and will make the corresponding conclusions."

A sharp rise in gas prices in May prompted Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to accuse the Russian oil companies, who dominate the Ukrainian fuel market, of collusion.

Regulators launched investigations against TNK-BP, Lukoil Ukraine and LINOS and set a cap on prices. President Viktor Yushchenko later ordered the caps removed and chided Tymoshenko for violating free market principles.

The companies said they were only responding to increases in world oil prices.

Regulators were to consider the cases against the other oil companies later Tuesday.

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