The Institute of Archeology of National Academy of Science of Ukraine has started the archeological dig in the very center of Kiev – Andreevsky Uzviz.

The archeologists have dug only the XIX century fundament of Desyatinna Church. It is reckoned that the results of archeological dig will influence the plans of reconstruction of the church. We remind that lots of Kiev dwellers stand against the reconstruction.

The project costs the state budget 7 million UAH ($1,387 million). It seems the city authorities do not have a clue what kind of results they wait for.     

"The government did not explain the aim of our dig, but we reckon that they expect us to tell something new about the original form of the church constructed in the X century. The original form is badly known by us," said Gleb Ivakin, the deputy director of the Institute of Archeology and the chief of Desyatinna archeological dig.  

We remind that according to Kiev mayor's words, President of Ukraine charged Kiev with the reconstruction in the first place.

The church will be reconstructed on the ancient fundaments. The same technology was used in reconstruction of Mikhalovsky with Roofs of Gold Church in Kiev which had been destroyed in the 30's and rebuilt in the middle of the 90's.

Desyatinna Church is the first stone church of Kievan Russia. It was built by Russian and Byzantine masters in 988-996.  The construction was dedicated to Nativity of Theotokos. In the 30's the church was destroyed by Soviet power in order to build the elite district for the Communist leadership.

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