Today the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will take part in the session of State Customs Service.

After yesterday’s participation of Victor Yushchenko in the session of Ministry of Internal Affairs, which had ended with liquidation of traffic police, the president’s participation in such sessions of other ministries and departments causes natural watchfulness.

Yesterday’s evening the press-service of State Customs distributed an urgent report, which had no time to be included in the late announcements.

As a reminder, yesterday, during the session of MIA, the President Viktor Yushchenko disbanded the country's traffic police because it had proved impossible to stamp out corruption.

He had ordered a decree to be drawn up abolishing the department, which employs 23,000 people.

Yushchenko said his government's efforts at reforming the traffic police had proved unsuccessful.

Yushchenko said the traffic police had "discredited themselves".

He said he had warned senior traffic police officials "three times that if they only keep on hiding in bushes... and do nothing else, they will no longer exist".

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