The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko returned the Act "On introduction of changes in Criminal-practice Code of Ukraine (concerning bailment)" to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with his propositions for further consideration.

President’s propositions were registered in the Parliament on July 15.

As a reminder, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the law "On introduction of changes in Criminal- practice Code of Ukraine (petition of people’s deputies of Ukraine about bailment).

This law provides for a new preventive punishment – bail of no less than 150 people’s deputies of Ukraine.

The bail of no less than 150 people’s deputies of Ukraine, signatures of whose are certified, lies in that they guarantee proper behavour and timely appearance of suspected or accused in investigating bodies and court. People’s deputies are warned that in case a suspected or accused avoids the investigation and legal proceedings, each of these people’s deputies will be imposed a penalty in the amount of about 3400 UAH.

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