Vladimir Litvin, the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine visits Dnepropetrovsk region on July 17-18. Coming out in the press conference, he states that Ukrainian politics is dirty and he is afraid of people who look like rats.

"I told it many times and repeat it again, the bugging, stetting against a person and denunciation are in great demand and people involving in it are in great demand as well,” mentioned Litvin. He also pointed out that if it is not put an end, “we will dig in this, excuse me, shit and get a kind of satisfaction."  

He took part in the space bridge between four towns of Dnepropetrovsk region and answered to the questions of their dwellers. In response to the question about the corruption, Litvin answered "The corruption cannot be destroyed completely. It may be only headed. The habit of giving and taking appeared in the times of Adam and Eve."

According to him, Ukraine should create the transparent laws and the game rules for honest life to be profitable.

Litvin reckons that it is high time to start struggle with corruption instead of twaddle concerning this problem. He mentioned that when doctors and teachers are accused of bribery, the following question is on the agenda "How do they earn their living?" People have to get normal salary.

"I think that everybody needs to start normal life and stop finding enemies moreover if there are no enemies at all. All the rest is the chatter for poor people," stated Litvin.   

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