"Ukrsotsbank" (Ukrainian Social Bank) used its data bank and showed second by second the way "aggrieved side" commit tax evasion and hide money received from Kolesnikov. Penchuks, "the aggrieved side" had concealed Kolesnikov's cash and then announced it as "the sum of damage" done by Kolesnikov to their family. It was the formal cause of arrest. The press service of Donetsk Regional Council reported about it.

The revision done by "Ukrsotsbank" gave the possibility to confirm the facts that Pencuks defamed Kolesnikov and all evidences were concocted against Kolesnikov in order to extort money having been paid by him.

Kolesnikov's defense demands immediately to release Kolesnikov from custody and to investigate fairly in order to close the case according the lack of corpus delicti. The attorneys reckon that the only thing to do is to arrest Penchuks' bank accounts and Penchuks themselves.

"The attorneys and Voroshilovsky District Court of Donetsk managed to do more than all officials of the General Office of Public Prosecution and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine together. They could find money I paid to Penchuks for the stocks. Penchuks concealed half a million of dollars from the Tax Inspectorate of Ukraine. Penchuks are real extortionists, the real family organized criminal group which is shielded by the General Office of Public Prosecution and protected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I am dishonored and I am not going to condone such swindle. Concerning their case, a pretty bouquet of criminal articles will be enforced, such as: extortion, false denunciation, tax evasion and falsified evidences. All this is equal to 12 years in prison," commented on Kolesnikov.

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