Next Thursday an act of protest called “Burning Night” will take place in the Kiev region along the Kiev-Odessa highway.

This was reported by one of the organizers of this event – national deputy Vladimir Sivkovich in front of participants of the forum "Say 'No' to Territorial Reform."

He announced that the organizers of the protest have asked all the residents of the Kiev region and those living along the Kiev-Odessa highway to come out at 9:30 in the evening to light fires and candles for an hour.

According to Sivkovich, "this will serve as a warning to the authorities, that if the territorial reform will not be stopped, if the Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko will not come out with a statement saying that her deputy PM made a decision without conferring with his colleagues (concerning the territorial reform in the Kiev region – editorial note), if the territorial reform will not be stopped, we will continue organizing such acts."

Sivkovich also noted that if the planned act will not produce the intended results, the next step that the opposition of the territorial reform has planned is a civil disobedience campaign. 

Sivkovich added that the act of protest will be recorded by satellite in order to see how active the Kievans will be in protesting against the territorial reform. 


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