During his visit to the USA, Svyatoslav Piskun, the Prosecutor General failed to meet ex-major Mykola Melnichenko who is the key witness of Gongadze's case.  
However, the investigators are going to bring a matter into court this month. The observers are interested in whether the clients or the perpetrators will sit in the dock.  

Irina Bezverkhaya, the press secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington reported that "Ukrainian delegation had discussed with US law enforcement agencies all planned question and came back to Kiev with its full complement." The Embassy does not have the information about the plot of the questions and cannot respond to the shortened term of the visit, preliminary the visit should last till July 15.

Piskun's visit schedule included the meeting with Melnichenko, but it did not happen because of Piskun's departure for Kiev on July 8 instead of July 15.

Melnichenko's attorney and representatives of the General Office of Public Prosecutor informed that the meeting would take place on Friday or Saturday in Washington. But on Friday Melnichenko' attorney sent all necessary copies of the letters confirming Melnichenko's consent to the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington in order to postpone the meeting on July 11. However, Piskun left the USA on Friday without any reply on the proposition of the attorney.

The ex-major accused the Prosecutor General of Ukraine of the lie and breakdown of the meeting. He reckons that Piskun does not want to bring to dock Leonid Kuchma, the ex-president of Ukraine.    

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