The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko presented the monument of Anna Kievskaya to French together with grammar mistakes, informs the newspaper "Segodnya".

The inscription on the monument of Kiev Princess Anna, who married the French king in Kievskaya Rus’s time, had been written incorrectly.

In particular, the inscription should read "Anna Kievskaya, the queen of France", but it turned out "Anna Kievskaya, the only queen of France" ("Anne de Kiev la reine de la France"). The article "la" was used twice, which was incorrect. It should have been written "Anne de Kiev reine de France."

Markiyan Lubkivsky, the deputy state secretary, acknowledged the mistake and declared that the inscription would be rewritten by the French side.

As reported before, Victor Yushchenko opened the monument on June 22.

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