Ukraine has not yet considered the issue of extending Russia lease on the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol where its Black Sea Fleet is based, Ukraine's deputy state secretary Markiyan Lubkivsky said , People’s Day Online reported.

The time was not right for discussion on whether Russia's lease on the base should be extended or not, Lubkivsky told a press conference in Kiev.

He was responding to remarks made by Russian defense minister Sergey Ivanov who told Russian media on Wednesday that Ukraine may agree to extend the lease which runs out in 2017.

has failed to fulfill the bilateral agreement to hand over the 170 navy facilities under its control to the Ukrainian side, Lubkivsky said, adding that there are also other outstanding problems.

The two sides have yet to agree on such issues as free navigation of Ukraine ships in the Sevastopol port and the employment of 70 pieces of land controlled by the Kremlin, he noted.

reached an agreement with Ukraine in May 1997, under which the Russian Black Sea Fleet would stay in the Crimean port of Sevastopol until 2017. Ukraine has insisted Russia pull out its fleet after its lease runs out.

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