The minister of transport and communication, Evgeny Chervonenko, who was responsible for then candidate Victor Yushchenko’s security, declared that the current president of Ukraine had been subject of several attempts on his life.

"It was less than ten, but more than the two times that were mentioned in the press," said Chervonenko in an interview with the newspaper "Facty" (Facts).

"We managed to prevent them, and it is time to turn the page. I don’t like to look back. Earlier, I thought that, after Yushchenko's election, I would revenge. But now I see that as irrational," he added.

The General Office of Public Prosecutor is investigating the case of Yushchenko’s poisoning. Yushchenko himself declared that this attempt on his life was exectued by members of the previous government.

Additionally, earlier in the autumn, staff of the political bloc "Nasha Ukraina" revealed one more attempt on Yushchenko’s life. On a road in Kherson region, a truck KamAZ tried to force the car being driven by Yushchenko into ditch . 


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