The fight was caused by the deputies’ accusations addressed to the speaker of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Volodymir Litvin. The deputies accused Litvin of biased session conduction and submission of drafts, adoption of which is advantageous for him, ForUm's correspondent reported.

In response to the accusations, Litvin reported that he did not lobby anyone interests and tried to conduct the session according to corresponding rules. After that the deputies dashed to the Presidium of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine trying to work on a task using their fists.

During the outrage of decencies, two deputies of Ukraine pulled the jacket over the head of its owner and one deputy was set down in the presidential chair and thrown down in it. One deputy had hardly bitten the premier of Ukraine, Julia Timoshenko, when he was thrown away.

The deputies pulled out the chair from under Litvin, and then they took Litvin’s microphone away and chucked him out of the hall.

After that Julia Timoshenko and several ministers left the Hall.

The first vice-speaker of VR, Adam Martinyuk, announced the half an hour break. Representatives of deputy groups and factions left for Conciliatory council.


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