When Ukraine enters World Trade Organization, and Ukrainians open the borders, there will no crises, and opposition will have nothing to base its policy on.

In such a way the prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko explained the yesterday’s fight in the parliament.

"When the borders are closed it is very easy to create any monopoly: sugar, meat or petrol," underlined the premier.

Yesterday, according to Timoshenko, one of the most actual bill drafts, realization of which can allow governmental intervention into food market, had been declined. "It is the very bill draft which is needed to prevent unfavorable increase of prices for foodstuffs," said Timoshenko.

In her opinion, the opposition blocked the tribune in order to create such crises artificially. "They need something to win the coming elections," pointed out the premier.

We remind, yesterday, during the appearance of Julia Timoshenko in Verkhovna Rada, the fight happened.

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