"Forum on Kiev’s salvation" public organization stands against prohibition of commerce in the capital underground, illegal construction and demands to conduct referendum on resignation of Kiev mayor, Alexander Omelchenko, before appointed time.

In particular, the legal expert of the organization, Vladimir Grishchenko, mentioned that the prohibition of the commerce in the underground "does not have any legal basis." According to his words, mayor’s order reduced to the situation when "thousands of people have been 'thrown in the street' for a week."

"Our public organization will picket the Kiev City State Administration and insist on the referendum," stated Grishchenko.

The leader of the "Forum on Kiev salvation," Vitaly Komov, pointed on the illegal, in the organization’s opinion, construction in the public garden on the corner of Inductrialna street and Pobeda avenue. "If the investors and builders are civilized people they will go off. The power must have asked for people’s permission," mentioned Komov.

"We reckon that to destroy public garden is a crime. The insolence of the power has bored everybody to death," added Komov explaining the necessity of the referendum. He also declared for the formation of the structure on reconstruction of old buildings and city-planning in general.


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