Timoshenko stated coming out in the press-conference that the Cabinet and Verkhovna Rada must work as a team.

She recommended Verkhovna Rada to consider as quickly as possible the urgent drafts. Timoshenko also pointed out that the government should compose well-qualified and professional drafts.

Besides, she mentioned that Ukraine should go to the world and be the equitable member of all world trade market despite the Ukrainian parliament did not consider the package of WTO drafts.

Timoshenko’s opinion concerning WTO is decidedly positive. She reckons that the deputies should vote separately for each WTO draft, not for the package at once.

She added that the procedure of poll for WTO makes no difference. The most important thing is the result, "because 95% of all turnovers in the world belong to WTO and only 5% is beyond it."

"Today entrepreneurs and manufactures have appealed to Verkhovna Rada in order to claim about their support of WTO drafts. They reckon the entry into WTO will be very useful for Ukraine. We will get hold of ten-milliard euro world market," stated Timoshenko.

We remind that the president of Ukraine asked the deputies to pass WTO draft package. According to his words, it will increase Ukrainian export by 1.5 million UAH  and the state budget incomes - by UAH2.3 milliard.


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