IX All-Slavic Congress took place in Minsk and gathered more than 200 representatives from more than 10 countries. It was reported to our correspondent by the press service of KRT (Kievan Russia TV).

The main target of the Congress was to join Slavic people and maintain peace on the Earth. The following items were under discussions: the youth and its upbringing; the Slavic world in the world of globalization.

KRT representatives were denied the participation in Ukrainian delegation by unknown reason.

The Congress approved the manifest and Memorandum on Slavic Unity though Ukrainian delegation was against it.

The separate resolution of the Congress denounced the policy of "Orange regime" in Ukraine. According to it, the Orange regime violates the freedom of speech and the constitutional rights of opposition. All-Slavic Congress blamed Yushchenko-Timoshenko-Moroz power for the persecution of KRT, the single Orthodox channel, which refused of advertising and demonstration of violence and pornography.

IX All-Slavic Congress stated that the efforts of Ukrainian power were inadmissible when it tried to deprive millions of Ukrainian citizens to obtain information in the native language.


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