During the October session the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will examine the situation of Ukraine, informed the member of the constant delegation of Verkhovna Rada in the PACE, the assistant of the chairman of this delegation, Anatolii Rakhanskii, MIGnew.com.ua reported.

He says that a 74 pages report on the situation in Ukraine is already prepared for the autumn session of the PACE. He also stressed that Ukraine have done almost nothing to fulfill her obligations to the Council of Europe, mainly regarding the function of the supervisory control, reserved by the General Office of Public Prosecutor, and also the penitentiary system, that have not been passed to the Ministry of Justice.

Ukraine promised to fulfilled its obligations to the Council of Europe till June but did nothing till this moment.

The chairman of the constant delegation of the Ukrainian Parliament in the PACE, Boris Oliinyk, stressed that after the law “On the amendments in the Constitution” has been passed, Ukraine has returned to two problematic tasks. They are about the adoption of the norm of the instruction and also the norm of the supervisory control of the General Office of Public Prosecutor. Oliinyk says it is necessary to solve these two tasks till October without waiting for PACE to tell Ukraine about this.

Besides, Boris Oliinyk names 5 positions, according to which Ukraine cannot fulfill its obligations to CE. The Code of the Criminal Procedure has not been adopted, the charter of the regional languages and the languages of the national minorities has not been passed to CE, the penitentiary system has not been delivered to the Ministry of Justice, the norm of the supervisory control of the General Procuracy is still the same, the case of the resonance murders have not been solved and also the norm of the instructions has not been adopted.


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