The memorial to thousands of Ukrainian Jews massacred by the Nazis in Babi Yar, has been vandalized, head of the Kiev Jewish community Rabbi Yaakov Zilberman said Wednesday, Jerusalem Post reported.

A group of teenagers from the United States, who on Tuesday visited the site, which is located minutes from downtown Kiev, discovered the vandalism, Israel Radio reported.

The rabbi said that they planned to file a complaint with the police.

The Babi Yar massacre began in late September 1941 when Nazi forces occupying Kiev ordered its Jews to gather and bring their warm clothes and valuables - as if they were to be deported.

The Jews were then marched to the brink of the steep Babi Yar ravine and shot. More than 33,700 Ukrainian Jews were killed over just a few days.

Within months, some 100,000 people, including thousands who were not Jewish, were executed in Babi Yar.


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