The military appeals court of the Central Region has sentenced those guilty of the Sknyliv tragedy to 6-14 years in prison, M&C News reported.  

The decision was adopted by a court session in Lviv today.

Pilot Vladimir Tonopar, who was the commander of the Su-27 aircraft at the time of air show at the Sknyliv aerodrome on 27 July 2002, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He was also ordered to pay 7.2m UAH to the state as compensation for losses caused as a result of the crash.

The second pilot, Yuri Yegorov, was sentenced to eight years in prison and ordered to pay 2.458m UAH.

Anatoly Tretyakov, the commander of the 14th air unit, as well as the deputy flight commander, Yuri Yatsyuk, were sentenced to six years and ordered to pay 700,000 UAH each.

The court gave Anatoly Lukinykh, the head of the flight safety chief of the 14th air unit, a four-year suspended sentence and ordered him to pay 200,000 UAH.

Oleg Dyubetsky, who was responsible for flight preparations, was found not guilty in the absence of corpus delicti.

After the verdict was read out, Tonopar said that "this is not a court, but a parody of a court" and that he would appeal to the court of appeals at the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

The four people who received sentences were arrested in the court room.

A total of 77 people died on 27 July 2002 when a Su-27 crashed during an air show.

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