The president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko, took part in the ceremony of opening of the monument to the queen of France Anna Kievskaya (Anna Yaroslavna) in Sanlis.

Speaking out during the ceremony Yushchenko mentioned that French land closely connected with Ukraine. Thousand years ago Yaroslav Mudry formed one of the strongest states in the world – Kievskaya Rus’. Yushchenko also pointed out that since that time Ukrainian nation has fought for independence and sovereignty.

"Today, after "orange revolution," we have the country, which, I am sure, Yaroslav Mudry and his children were dreaming about," said the president. He underlined that Ukraine hopes for cooperation and believes in France.

"Ukraine is proud that Anna Kievskaya had become the queen of France. It was the step forward intimacy between our states," said Yushchenko.

In his turn, the director-general of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura, pointed out that a lot of interesting cultural projects are being developed in Ukraine, and UNESCO supports them. He considers that these directions should be developed and the base of them is to be "mosaic of cultures and religions of world nations."


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