Ukrainian vice-premier on humanitarian and social issues, Nikolay Tomenko, charged the State Consumer Standard, the Ministry of Justice and the State Committee on Broadcasting with coordinating of the draft "On changes in the act 'On the advertisement" and submitting it to Verkhovna Rada for consideration, the press service of the vice-premier reported.

The draft must provide for banning of alcohol beverages and tobacco advertising by the outdoor advertisement and broadcasting.

Explaining the reason of such action, Tomenko said that "the practice proved that the legislative restrictions and demands concerning such advertising were not executed or just ignored by the advertisers. That is why we must admit the fact of imperfection of legal frame concerning this problem."

That is why the alcohol and tobacco advertising must be prohibited by the corresponding changes into the act of Ukraine "On the advertisement" in order to protect the nation from the damage caused by alcohol and tobacco.

Tomenko pointed to the fact that the same draft was introduced by him and Julia Timoshenko when he was the head of the Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information. But the draft sank into oblivion because of the fact that lots of the deputies of Ukraine were involved into the outdoor advertisement business. So, their business interests might be damaged by the prohibition.


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