Today the news-paper "Facty" published in the article, "I will retire and may be very soon. I am bored with all that! Piskun." correspondent managed to take comments on this statement, having visited the General Office of Public Prosecutor.

- Svatoslav Mikhailovich, today the newspaper "Facty" published that you are going to "retire very soon." The main reason is that you are so to say bored with all that. Is it true?

-You know "Facty" is a much respected newspaper. But I would like them to publish my whole answers, without extracting my words out of the context. I said the next words, "Yes, I will retire, soon, in five years perhaps." That’s why it is important to give more precise information.

In any case, I want to say, that I understand that I suffer and I will suffer the pressure. The General Procuracy of Ukraine will serve nobody but the law.

In any case I want to inform through your publication, that we will fulfill our duty, we will bring to a close all the criminal cases, started by the General Procuracy. We will pay attention neither to pressure nor to any publication. Those, who broke the law, will answer before the law.

And about the retirement, report my words to the readers: until the government of Ukraine, the parliament of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine say something different, I am the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, will defend the Ukrainian laws on this post as long as it is necessary according to the Constitution.


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