The deputy head of the party "Trudovaya Ukraine" (Labour Ukraine), Alexandra Kuzhel, considers that Georgy Gongadze can be alive.

"Knowing certain cynicism of Georgy, and I have known him well, I can assume that he is alive. This is a pure politics," said Kuzhel.

"I am very sorry for his mother. And I do not believe any word of the investigation. I know for sure that the found body does not belong to Gongadze. His mother did not recognize it. And if the mother said that it was not the body of her son, no one examination would make me believe the contrary.

May be it will sound awfully, but Georgy, if you are alive, drop a line to your mother.

I know Kuchma very good as well. He did not arouse the feeling of danger. He could use obscene language, could shout, but he did not imprison a single person. He forgave everybody. Lazarenko groveled at his feet, and Kuchma forgave him. Chervonenko, who should have been arrested, was also forgiven. I saw it, I was working with Kuchma," declared Kuzhel in the interview to "Phrasa."

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