The head of General UCRD (GURCD), Nikolay Sivulskiy, coming on in the public reported about the results of the inspection of the enterprises-monopolists.

According to his words, there were conducted 10.5 thousand inspections and check-ups. All that gave the possibility to get to know that "the reason of bad financial situation is subjective one. Just all national property was transformed in private one."

He announced that the work of all monopolies is appeared to be completely unprofitable.

Ukrtelecom Company is not a monopolist anymore, reported Sivulskiy. "It is the monopolist de jure but not de facto. Those, who are the monopolists de facto, but not de jure, dictate their conditions to Ukrtelecom."

According to his words, the national operator (Ukrtelecom) gets 40% of profit and the mobile operators - 60% of it. "If the profit was fifty-fifty, the damage was less than 80 million UAH," said Sivulskiy.

The head of GUCRD reckoned that the wages of GazUkraina Company employees are beyond the common sense. He drew the example when the security guard of the company got wage equaled to ministerial one.

"The average wage of all officials of GazUkraina accounts 4631 UAH. I can tell you that it is equal to the average salary of the minister of the Cabinet," mentioned Sivulskiy.

The loss of GazUkraina Company accounts 2 billion UAH.

Sivulskiy reported that there was the system of making bankrupt out of prosperous state enterprise. Ukrspirt (Ukrspirit) is the example of it.

"The contract on providing the commodity credit (by combustive-lubricating materials) was signed on 912% interest per annum. Then it was found out that there had not been any credit at all," said Sivulskiy.

Such actions caused Ukrspirt’s bankruptcy.

Naftogaz Ukraine national joint-stock company used its money for shady machinations.

Sivulskiy pointed to the fact that Naftogaz got 9.5 billion UAH only for transit of gas through Ukrainian territory. It kept more than 70% of the profit.

"It got such immense sum of money but its financial result consisted of only 2.8 million UAH. Where did such immense money disappear?" asked Sivulskiy.


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