Yesterday Ukraine had to abandon the demonstration of the achievements of its aircraft industry. For the first time since Ukraine became independent, the state presented … "veneer" in the prestige airspace saloon La Bourgeoisie, which was opened in the suburbs of France. That is Ukraine presented the moulage of the plane. The reason is that they are afraid that the fate of the real exhibits may be like that of "Ruslan," which is under the arrest for more than one year in Belgium in the action of the strange company from Cyprus TMR Energy, reported.

Not to loose the real planes, Ukraine had to bring the moulages to France. The new authorities accuse the former power and officials from the former State Property Fund of bungling and antipatriotic position, which threw Ukrainian aviation to the backyards and sustain financial losses.

At first the air builders had grand plans. They were planning to expose the whole range of the production of the native air industry: An-225 "Mriya," An-124 "Ruslan" and the last works: An-148, An-140, An-70.

The weekly newspaper "SN-Stolichnye Novosti" wrote several times about the "air fights" between the ASTC named after Antonov and the company TMR and about the fact that the former officials of the State Property Fund did almost nothing in order to solve this problem. The result is well-known: for the last several years "Ruslan" was arrested twice.

At the same time the administration of Kharkivskii state aircraft manufacturing facilities disproved the information of the non-membership of the airplane An-140 in airspace saloon La Bourgeoisie. More of that in the in the interview for Ukrainski Novyny the general director of KSAMF, Pavel Naumenko informed that the plane An-140, that was displayed in La Bourgeoisie is used by the air company "Airomost-Kharkov."

An-140 was really in La Bourgeoisie, but it has nothing in common with Ukraine as it belongs to the air lines of other companies. It appeared that to demonstrate its planes Ukraine must ask the foreign company to present it in the airspace saloon.


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