The special round-table discussion within World Economic Forum (WEF) "Mini-Davos," devoted to Ukraine, will take place on 16-17 June, in Kiev. It was reported by the chief of World Economic Forum, Felix Hovald.

"We conduct the round-table in order to gather all interesting sides and discuss exiting problems. We expect 250 leaders of economy, politics and mass media and five presidents to come," said Hovald.

He mentioned that there will be seminars dedicated to finance sector, investment, corruption and relationship between Ukraine, Europe and the world.

"We expect that Forum will strengthen the reliable relations among the businessmen and politicians in Ukraine," added Hovald.

The deputy minister of economy, Vladimir Ishchenko, reckons that round-table discussion of World Economic Forum will give possibilities for Ukraine to establish relations with the leaders of world financial structures.

Ishchenko pointed to the fact that "there will not be long reports in Forum; the discussed issues will be the basis for the documents for presidential and governmental consideration." He also mentioned that there was lack of large foreign investment in Ukraine for the last five years. He expects Forum to change the existing situation.


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