The public organization "All-Crimean voters' motion for Crimea Republic" demands from Ukrainian government to return Sevastopol to Russia. The chairman of Sevastopol department of the organization, Yuri Bastrikov, declared about it.

On the eve, the demonstration, devoted to Day of the city, took place on Nakhimov square. The main demand of the demonstrators was to return Sevastopol and Crimea to Russia, since "Ukraine got hold of the peninsula illegally."

Organizations of the demonstration also intend to demand from state authorities to remove Ukrainian symbolism from military uniform of sentry at Sevastopol’s defenders memorial.

"It is a real blasphemy – sentry stands with trident on the forage caps! During the Great Patriotic War Ukraine formed a part of USSR, and Ukrainians fought under soviet symbolism. And tridents were on the flags of Bandera’s supporters, who cooperated with Germans," asserts Bastrikov.

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