At the European championship in free calisthenics, which took place in Moscow, the Ukrainian sportswomen won one golden medal, three silver and two bronze medals, reported.

Nataliya Godunenko became the strongest in ribbon exercises and the judges gave her 16,225 points. The second place took also our gymnast – Anna Bessonova (16.150). In the rest three kinds of exercises the Russians were leading.

More of that the Ukrainians were among the prize-winners in the rest competitive events: Anna Bessonova was the second one in the ball activity and the third one in the exercises with the rope and the club. Natalia Godunko was the fifth one in the exercises with the rope and the ball.

But in the team championship our girls were the second one. The team of Ukraine, consisting of Anna Bessonova, Nataliya Godunko and Irina Kovalchuk took altogether 126,500 points and lost the gold to the Russians.

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