"There are lots of contradictions among the state authorities. The prime minister is practically kept away from the presiding of executive power. She does not influence on trained policy and many of the Cabinet's resolutions," stated the leader of "Trudovaya Ukraina" (Working Ukraine) party, Valery Konovaluk.

"We observe the lack of strategy and logicality in social and economy development of the country," added the deputy.

"The tendency to gain the people's admiration by increasing social payment gave birth to the lots of negative consequences and broke the economy balance. 90% of local budgets have to raise a credit for wages payment. The social insurance funds are on the verge of bankruptcy cause of immense payments ($1,600) for the child birth. All that drew to the vicious practice of solving problems of one social category owing to another one instead of proper actions in the economic sphere. The abolishment of certain taxes, the increasing of railway tariffs and fuel tariffs, the changes of custom taxes made lots of large enterprises come to the verge of the bankruptcy. It did harm to small and medium business. Near 19,000 enterprises announced about shutdown," Konovaluk said.

According to his words, "the government is trying to manage the economy by hand, but such management makes the situation worse," "Internet reporter" informed.    

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