The secretary of National Defence and Security Council of Ukraine, Petr Poroshenko, and the OSCE supreme commissar on national minorities’ affairs, Rolf Ekeus, met today in Kiev and discussed the questions of integration and settlement of representatives of forcibly displaced persons.

"Taking into account the limited nature of Ukrainian financial opportunities and dimensions of the problems, connected with return of forcibly displaced persons, your state needs help of world community. It will allow to fasten the solution of such questions as building of national schools, objects of gas and water supply, roads and services," considers the OSCE secretary.

Besides, the sides paid attention to language policy and education of national minorities in Ukraine.

It was also discussed the securing of rights of ethnic Ukrainians in OSCE countries-members. The secretary of NSDC expressed a hope for cooperation and support from the OSCE supreme commissar in solving economic, social and cultural problems of Ukrainian workers-migrant and their families.

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