Ukrainian deputy, Leonid Chervonetsky, introduced the draft "On additions to several acts of Ukraine (criminalization of human embryo trade)."

Substantiating the necessety of passing this act Chernovetsky mentioned that the last time Mass media of different countries often published about embryo trade abroad from Ukraine.   

Mass media reported that the embryo tissues were export from Kharkov, Donetsk and Kiev. And moreover, Ukrainian doctors unconvincingly denied this fact. The deputy mentioned that the USA and all civilized states prohibited such disgusting trade.

Chervonetsky also pointed to the fact that Ukrainian act on transplantation was very good and quite stringent. But there was a lack of clear prohibition of embryo tissues trade in it. The same is in the article 143 of Criminal Code of Ukraine. So, there are all prerequisites for the further development of this horrible "bussines" in Ukraine. The draft proposed by Chervonetsky is dedicated to be a legal border for that, "UNIAN" reported.

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